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Engineering Benefits of TurnaSureís Bolting Services

TurnaSure DTIs achieve and retain specified clamping forces in bolts.

TurnaSure DTIs provide critical bolt tensions above the required minimum and those tensions are permanently retained.

A study conducted at a specialist laboratory in 2011 using structural bolts implanted with ultra-sonically monitored chips, shows unequivocally what the bolt tensions permanently remain at after using DTIs with feeler gauge verification and on some bolts without DTIs. All TurnaSure DTIs give loads above minimum with no relevant permanent relaxation. Some tightened by calibrated wrench were under tensioned in the first place.

Provides Assurance of Slip Resistance

Connections deemed slip critical must not slip. Engineers have taken into account the slip factor for the joint surfaces. Then the bolts have to provide the needed level of clamping forces. DTIs assure these clamping forces are present after bolt installation. (See 2011 study from Lehigh University)

No loosening of bolts due to vibration

The high clamping forces DTIs provide has been shown to reduce the tendency of the assemblies to become loose when subjected to vibration or load reversals.

Better fatigue resistance

DTIs assure a given preload force in the bolts, and when the varying loads under fatigue conditions do not exceed these induced clamp load values, the magnitude of the variation in the load experienced by the bolts is significantly reduced. This guards against fatigue failure in bolts.

Minimizes the affects of prying action

The presence of a DTI in research studies has shown to inhibit permanent loss of bolt pretension when the connection is subjected to high prying forces. The DTI introduces a spring or shock absorbing affect.

Improves structural rigidity

DTIs benefit structural rigidity and integrity by ensuring properly clamped connections. Properly tensioned fasteners will absorb energy and dampen a structure against wind or snow loads or seismic loading.

TurnaSure DTIs are the most accurate by far

On each production lot or batch of DTIs load measuring performance does not significantly vary from bolt to bolt. Test certificates show around 1% standard deviation on 29 samples. No other DTIs are more accurate than this.

Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
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