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TurnaSure Bolting Technology for Petro-Chemical

TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) provide correct tension for secure leak-free bolted and gasketed joints. TurnaSure DTIs are easy-to-use, achieving accurate, repeatable clamping force.

Today's bolted joints must be designed with tomorrow's ever-stricter safety and environmental challenges in mind. Our extensive bolting technology research and development program has allowed us to perfect the reliability and accuracy of DTIs for use on bolted and gasketed flanges.

Connections on gasketed pipe flanges

Example of a pipe flange

Laboratory tests demonstrate TurnaSure DTIs are able to regularly control compression -load variation to+ 1.5%. Our DTI's ability to measure clamp load is unaffected by the presence or absence of lubrication, bolt or thread condition, surface finishes, or minor corrosion. Our patented Friction-Free Push Backô design provides a predictable clamp-force every time.

Recent discoveries by the TurnaSure R&D team have led to a new, patented bolting technology which enables much smaller protrusions to permanently carry remarkable levels of load of while maintaining product hardness below ASME and NACE and now ASTM fastener material guidelines of Rockwell 22 HRC. The ASTM for DTIs for studs on Petro-Chemical plants is as follows:

ASTM F 2437-06 for Carbon Steel Compressible-Washer-Type Direct Tension Indicators for use with studs (B7 or B16).

Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
TurnaSure DTIs Solve Leaking Flange Problem